1084 SQN


The High Flyers

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1084 SQN Band members at RAF Cranwell Families day and ACLC Parade.

During 22nd -25th July Sgt Di Lieto-Danes, Cpl Baxter, Cpl Moore and Cdt Pilcher May attended a pre Band camp for RAF Cranwell families’ day and the ACLC parade.
Cdt Pilcher-May reports
On the 22nd of July the camp began, it didn’t get off to the best start. Typically for a British summer it was raining.
We spent a few hours socialising, which was very enjoyable, as many of us had not seen each other in months. After that was rehearsal time, and everybody was very happy, as a...ll our performances were static, so we enjoyed sit down rehearsals.

The highlight of the camp was our performance at RAF Cranwell families’ day.
The sun was shining down as we ‘formed up’ in a concert band formation, and began to play. After twenty minutes, we had a rather important surprise visitor: the Air Commandant Air Cadets. She was there with her family, in an unofficial capacity, I barely recognised her not in uniform.

Throughout the course of the day we did four or five performances all over the airfield, including an unrehearsed marching routine. The most difficult performance was our last of the day, as we were playing, a Eurofighter Typhoon and Spitfire were doing a routine above us.

I learnt that when flying at you the Eurofighter was almost silent, but as soon as it has its back to you it was the loudest thing that I have ever heard, there was no hope for us playing over the top of that, so we stopped. Later there was a brilliant red arrows routine, it was the first time I had seen them in real life, and I thought it was amazing.

The next day, was a very relaxed day with a few rehearsals and lots of breaks. We visited the college hall and had a guided tour of College Hall.
The day after, the 25th was the day of the ACLC passing out parade, we saw them all at breakfast, they looked very smart and nervous. The parade was enjoyable to watch and to play at we only played for about twenty minutes, and we were all finished by 10am.
When we got back to the blocks we packed and tidied up, and every body got ready to go to a weeklong Marching Band camp.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable four-day camp. There was lots of social time and every thing was very relaxed.